It’s now 2017

I logged in after more than two years,  what a difference a few years make. I received my MA just 2 years ago and now here I am now trying to master this thing we call living. Time is a double edge sword, it can can build you up and tear you down all at once. Now 32 years old there are a few things I know for sure.

1. The best years of my life have just began….no really, they really are. After working my ass off in my 20’s I am finally seeing the fruits of my labor.

2. In life we outgrow people and it’s OK.

3. Education will take you to places you never imagined.

4. Happiness really does come from within and I am optimistic and certain that at some points my happy days will surpass my not so happy days (this is solely based on the relationship I have with myself)

5. When people want to be around you they will, they really will and they will accept you flaws and ALL.

6. WHEN ANYONE TELLS YOU WHO THEY ARE…..BELIEVE THEM. The hardest part of this lesson has been to accept it.

What do you know for sure?